Pet Wellness Exams in Buckhead Atlanta, GA

Consistent wellness exams is key when it comes to your pet’s health. Since they age so much faster than we do, they can develop illnesses faster, too. Regular pet wellness care means we can actively assess changes to your pet’s health and address them right away. At The Village Vets Buckhead, our team is devoted to providing consistent preventive veterinary medicine that stops illness in its tracks. We recommend annual exams for pets, so schedule your appointment today for an annual check-up!

Pet Exam in Buckhead Atlanta, GA

Preventive Pet Exams for a Healthier Dog or Cat

Prevention is a big (if not the biggest) part of your pet’s health care plan. By taking preventive measures such as parasite prevention, vaccinations, and diagnostic screening seriously, you help preserve your pet’s well-being. With annual visits, we can work together to address problems early before they become more complicated and harder (and more expensive) to treat. Annual pet wellness care covers:

  • A thorough, nose-to-tail exam
  • Fecal exam to check for internal parasites
  • Heartworm test to detect any heartworms
  • Urinalysis, if needed, to assess organ function
  • Vaccinations, if due for boosters
  • Blood draw and analysis for disease screening

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Wellness Exams for Dogs in Buckhead Atlanta, GA

Preventing Parasites in Buckhead

Year-round parasite prevention is an essential part of your pet’s health, due in no small part to our warm, mild climate. Even though pests such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes may seem less active in the winter, they are never completely gone. All it takes is one bite to transmit a life-threatening disease. In particular, our area is prone to high levels of heartworm disease, so it’s important to protect both your cat and dog! Your veterinarian will discuss your options for your pet at your next wellness exam.

More Than Just a Pet Check-Up

At The Village Vets, our wellness exams are set up to not only adhere to your pet’s needs; they’re also a great opportunity for you to ask us questions or bring up any concerns you may have for your pet’s well-being. We’re always happy to discuss pet health with conscientious owners. We hope to see you and your pet soon!